GX420t thermal transfer Printer configurator

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All GX420t printers have:

  • EPL and ZPL firmware (SGD, XML, Unicode),
  • 8 dots/mm (203 dpi),
  • 152 mm/s (6 ips),
  • Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal print modes.

All GX420t printers include:

  • USB cable,
  • Quick Start Guide,
  • Safety Guide and Accessories CD,
  • which includes User and Programming Manuals,
  • ZebraDesigner label design software,
  • Windows drivers and set up utilities.

All GX420t standard configurations include:

  • 8MB SDRAM (3MB user available),
  • 4MB Flash (1.5MB user available),
  • Auto-Sensing ¹ Serial (DB-9),
  • Centronics Parallel
  • USB v1.1,
  • Power Supply with Euro and UK power cords
  • Moveable Sensor

4 enabled configurations include Extended Memory; 68MB Flash (65.5 user available), and Real Time Clock (RTC).

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Maximum print breedte 104mm
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